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4th SAWAP Conference, 8-10 May, Accra-Ghana

The 4th SAWAP Conference will be held from 8 to 10 MAy 2017 on the theme: “global perspectives for the future of SAWAP“. ThNouvelle image (40)e aim of this 4th Conference is to ensure the coherent implementation of the activities and share and capitalize on the results achieved in the implementation of the SAWAP Programme, on the other. The point will be to strengthen support to SAWAP countries for effective implementation of their projects but also to develop new perspectives.

Specifically, the 100 participants of the Conference will:

  • Present the activities carried out and the results achieved by BRICKS in 2016 and the programme of activities for 2017;
  • Facilitate experience and knowledge sharing amongst projects, including presenting their studies and success stories;
  • Discuss and identify, on the basis of achievements, future actions, new support needs for SAWAP national projects and refine intervention strategies;
  • Consolidate and revitalize the collaboration between the BRICKS implementing agencies and the 12 SAWAP national projects.

This yearly international event, will gather the stakeholders of the Sustainable Land and Water Management involved in the Great Green Wall Initiative with topics such as: best practices in Sustainable Land Management, biodiversity, Geographic Information System, communication, monitoring and evaluation, geospatial services…  At half-way of the implementation of the program, this conference is a summary of realized activities but also perspectives for upcoming activities.

Participants will attend plenary sessions, thematic operational clinics and a field visit in North Ghana and they will share successful experiences from the 12 SAWAP countries  and from partners present.

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The Terms of Reference of the Conference:

ToR 4th SAWAP Conference

The Agenda of the Conference:

4th SAWAP Conference Agenda