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COCORICO: the Burkinabe call center dedicated to the rural world

DSC_0054-300x200ICT solutions applied to agriculture through an ICT platform for intelligent agriculture, a specialized call center and an SMS service for agricultural information: this is the high-performance package offered by ECODATA West Africa SARL, winner of small grants launched by BRICKS to promote innovative solutions for sustainable land management.

A BRICKS team, composed of its regional coordinator, Mr. Philippe ZOUNGRANA, the communication manager of CILSS, who is also a member of the BRICKS communication work group, Mr. Abdoulkarim DANKOULOU, and the editorial content officer, Mrs. Sandrine OUATTARA, visited of the firm for a working session and presentation of the business plan as part of the grant.

The BRICKS delegation was welcomed by Mr. Kabre Alexandre and was given a detailed presentation of the project and a guided tour of the call center premises.

????????????????????????????????????AGRIDATA Burkina Faso is a Market Information System (MIS) developed by the Millennium Challenge MCA and taken over by ECODATA. In partnership with private and public institutions, including ESOKO, a pioneer of MIS, ECODATA has undertaken to reduce information asymmetry, improve producer incomes, improve the overall efficiency of the market, help build the resilience of rural populations and contribute to development of value chains through technology.

BRICKS ‘support specifically concerns the setting up of a COCORICO call center dedicated to the rural world. This call center offers agricultural technical assistance, agricultural business information, weather alerts and bulletins, and practical tips for actors.

Thus, by sending or calling to the 3007, rural actors have practical information and advice in five (5) languages: French, dioula, fulled, gulmacema, mooré. Telemonitors are specialists in the issue and provide support within a maximum of 5 minutes to reduce the costs incurred by the caller.

Set up since May 2017, the call center has a capacity of 150 calls a day and has received 3760 calls answered to date. 36 provinces  of Burkina Faso are covered by the project. A field team is also present to collect the necessary data. Lastly, good practices and techniques sheets will be part of the project formatted and adapted to serve as a basis for telemarketers. This work is carried out in collaboration with technical institutions such as the AGRHYMET Regional Center or the INERA.

This visit allowed the team to review the issue of the program of activities of the project, its organization, the resources made available and also the perspectives.