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NEWMAP organizational structure


MAP organizational structure :The Federal Ministry of Environment (FME) is the lead implementing agency for NEWMAP. A Federal Project Management Unit (FPMU) headed by a Federal Coordinator hosted by FME is responsible for overall coordination. There is a State Project Management Unit (e.g. Ebonyi SPMU) in each participating State, headed by a State Coordinator and hosted by each State’s Ministry of Environment. The participating states must qualify to benefit from NEWMAP investment activities. All participating states will be eligible to participate in institutional capacity building and technical assistance activities, as these will contribute to meeting qualification criteria to participate in investment activities.
NEWMAP involves many Federal and State Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), local governments, communities, and civil society. Effective implementation requires inter-ministerial and inter-state coordination, collaboration, and information sharing. Each component, sub-component and activity will be implemented through relevant Federal and State MDAs. The various MDAs include those responsible for planning, economy and finance, works, agriculture, water resources, forests, transport, power, emergency response, as well as those focused on climate and hydrological information or catchment/ basin regulation. Most of NEWMAP’s investments will be made at the State level, as States have primary responsibility for land management and land allocations.