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Participatory community watershed planning


The project concept of community participation, has led to strong community ownership and participation towards greater adoption of sustainable land and water management practices by local people in the sub-watershed.

Through extensive Communication, Community Mobilization and Sensitization NEWMAP support plans for community’s soil and water conservation as well as supports the communities to achieve a better understanding of the causes of erosion and responses that are needed to effect change and sustained awareness.

Through two major Committees, Community Association and the Communities Site Committees the project ensures community level planning and participation with all community members and various government agencies represented in each participating locality and NEWMAP participating states. The Strong community mobilization and participation in NEWMAP has greatly increased participation, community buy-ins and in essence has reduced activities that triggers gully formation across the participating communities.

NEWMAP Mobilization activities includes: (i) sensitization on community land-use plans; (ii) adoption of water harvesting, and soil and water conservation practices; (iii) communal labour to maintain drainage structures, restoration and the maintenance of vegetation; (iv) community livelihoods and enterprises, e.g. geo-textile, gabion box production; and (v) community environmental and gully formation monitorin