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Results Monitoring and Evaluation


The project’s M&E implementation arrangements rests upon a mixed set of M&E responsibilities that balance ownership of M&E and improvement of government systems with important M&E activities that continue to raise project quality including: (i) beneficiary verification and (ii) impact evaluation through statistical data and results from monitoring matrix including performance indicators.

NEWMAP’s M&E system is an interlink between Federal and State M&E systems which provides a basis for enhanced institutional capacity to monitor interventions, and this gives appreciable Data reliability to monitor NEWMAP project Impacts.

Impact evaluation. As part of project implementation, impact evaluation (IE) provides statistically reliable evidence on causal impacts of the project and its components on target outcomes. Such evidence can be used not only to understand project effectiveness, but also as a management and program design tool in selecting between and scaling up different operational modalities. Current IE areas are (i) physical investments in gully rehabilitation, (ii) incentives and regulatory aspects, and (iii) project management. To inform project implementation at later stages, the IE will be carried out in areas selected for early implementation.

NEWMAP’s objectives and indicators were selected in part due to their simple and low-cost data requirements. In addition, the Project is now working through MOU between NARSDA and ISRO to raise the capacity of the country to collect, store, share and manage data related to management of erosion, climate risk, watersheds, and carbon – and transform this data into usable information across stakeholders to underpin and plan their actions.