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itsrict compliance to best practices with regards to safeguard measures: To strengthen disaster risk reduction and preparedness at state, local and community levels, NEWMAP continue to ensure adequate safeguard measures are adhered-to and where necessary, implement resettlement action plan to compensate people who their means of livelihood, houses, etc will be affected by the intervention.

As a category “A” project NEWMAP ensure best practices in its entire operations. The project conducts Environmental Safeguards and Management Plan (ESMP) in all the project sites to ensure proper disaster risk management. The project also implemented resettlement Action Plan (RAP), where necessary, to compensate all project affected persons before commencement of civil works. Site designs are carried out with combination of flexible structures and bioremediation as well as livelihood components. All procurements are done in accordance with procurement guidelines and of best practices

The lessons learned from this extraordinary process are important for Nigeria and other countries seeking to restore their landscapes, build the resilience of ecosystems, and improve the livelihoods of their people whose Future depends on the sustainable use of natural resources.