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Support to Data Capture and Improving Data for Decision Making in Nigeria


Support to Data Capture and Improving Data for Decision Making in Nigeria : Making evidence based decisions regarding the environment, infrastructure and natural resources and their interaction with people requires accurate data. This becomes imperative because of the nature of weather and associated issues that could negatively impact on the livelihood and the environment. This is why NEWMAP project component 2 has been structured to strengthen the enabling environment for effective implementation of erosion and watershed management Institutions and Information Services:
i. Federal MDA effectiveness
and services (2A),
ii. State MDA effectiveness
and services {2B},
iii. Local Government capacity, (2C)
iv. Private sector capacity (2D).

Rehabilitation of Existing Hydrological Stations : A total of 24 existing hydrological stations are recommended for rehabilitation by NEWMAP in the two Basins. Among these 12 in AIRBDA and 12 in CRBDA. The stations are listed in table below. All installed equipments in these stations were found
to be either vandalized, broken down and/or rusted. Currently works and installations of new equipment by NEWMAP have progressed appreciably, in these stations.

(NEW) Additional Hydrological Stations : NEWMAP commenced civil works and installations of equipment in the Fifteen (15) new hydrological stations in the Basins (listed in the table below). The choice of these locations for the new stations was based on the requirement for appropriate station density according to WHO guidelines and the need to have a good spread of the stations to ensure adequate coverage. Among these, eight (8) are within the Anambra-Imo River system, and seven (7) along the various Rivers that characterized the CRBDA system. The required equipment in each of the stations was determined based on the categorization of the station..

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