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Watershed Approach

NEWMAP is making great change in tacking land degradation and gully erosion in Nigeria and has succeeded where other initiatives have failed, by adopting revolutionary new approaches to environmental problems: The holistic watershed management approach of the Project addresses the interlinked challenges of poverty, ecosystem, climate change, disaster risk management, biodiversity, institutional capacity and governance. The re-introduced practices under the watershed planning include rain water harvesting; soil/water conservation other technologies are, stone bunds, bench terraces, check dam, with the later three especially useful in conserving soil. These technologies have significantly stopped erosion, saved topsoil, improved surface-water availability, and allowed for percolation of rainwater into the soil to replenish groundwater and spring flow.

It regained and recovered extensive landed area in Queen Ede at Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Benin City, Edo State. The recovered areas considered as “a Miracle” by many including former Edo state Governor, Oshiomole was an estimated gully length of 960 m, maximum depth of about 25 m, average top and base width of about 56 m and 40 m, respectively. The restoration has cushioned the hardships of the severe impacts of flood water along Benin-Agbor highway, Pogah, Edebor, Agbonlahor and Igunbor streets across the road as well as hitherto runoff from Aroko estate and Ogbeson village. The Project was able to salvage hundreds of property, while interlink roads between the communities have been restored.

The story could not be different with the restored hope to many communities in Auchi -Oshiobugie located in Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo North. The Project using a concept of land reclamation flexible structures mixed with Civil works and bio-remediation saved the people from the nightmare of a 2.4 km length Gully with a depth of about 25 -30 m, with its top and bottom widths ranging between 70-120m and 17-108m respectively and a spread that resulted to seven (7) gully fingers.

It was the same case in Anambra state, Awka, Amachalla community, and same was the situations in Atakpa, Ikot Ekpo and Nyanghasang in Cross River state. Significantly, NEWMAP solutions to the land reclamation and restoration have been very wonderful. Same approach was replicated to the rapidly active gully and soil loss of the Ajali water works area and in the Night mile of Enugu state.