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The journey of Carlos Ndeogo

DSC_0101-ok2My name is Carlos Ndeogo, a native of the Sheiga community in the Bawku West District of Ghana and I benefited from the SLWMP in the 2015-cropping season. Before I benefited from the project, I prepared my land anyhow, not taking note of the land characteristics like the slope. As part of implementation of the project, the community was introduced to the earth bunding technology. I was against the idea of leaving a portion of my farmland to construct bunds instead of planting. I however reluctantly allowed my farmland to be bunded and I planted my maize.

During the growing season there was a four-week dry spell (between July and August, 2015); then I observed that whiles my maize farm was still looking green and fresh most of the un-bunded maize fields around my farm showed signs of serious moisture stress due to the dry spell; eventually they didn’t harvest much from their fields. What I noticed was that after any rain, most of the water remains on my farm not like before when everything will run off. I finally harvested 0.9mt/ha compared to the 0.4mt/ha from the previous year’s harvest.



After that year, as a secretary to the Community Watershed Management Team, I have added more bunds on my farms and have equally encouraged my colleague farmers to do same. I now know that, earth bunds are good because they are able to reduce run-off, maintain the soil fertility, and improve the soil moisture retention. There is now enough food in my house, surplus to sell to pay my children school fees and extension of my building.