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Trees on Farm lands


Absence of trees on farmlands especially the homestead to provide vegetative cover was critical and farmers through sensitization expressed the desire for tree growing on their farmlands. Most farmers opted for agroforestry to integrate trees with farming activities, such as lines of trees with crops growing between them (alley cropping), hedgerows, living fences, pasture trees, woodlots, and many other tree farming systems.

Mr. Bangwe Wepia, a farmer in Akaa-Achagisong community in the Kassena-Nankana West District, failed several years to raise trees particularly grafted mangoes on his farmland due to destruction of the trees by stray livestock and lack of technical knowledge in managing the trees. However, through the support of the project, he received one hundred and twenty (120) grafted mango seedlings, fencing materials, and extension services to grow grafted mangoes his farmland. He indicated that he sees the mango stand as an investment to cater for my children education in the near future and I am working very hard to realize this mission.