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Using stones to transform Yameriga community

The sloppy and stony nature of the Yameriga topography posed serious challenges to agricultural activities and crop yields of farmers in the community. The situation required interventions and technologies that mitigate the plights of the farm families of the Yameriga community. Some farmers in Yameriga gathered the stones at spots on their farms while some tried to line the stones up to create space for planting of their crops. Hence stone lining/bunding was identified as the best technology for this community.

The Sustainable Land and Water Management Project (SLWMP) built on the existing knowledge of the farmers by introducing them to the lining/bunding along the contours via use of A-frame. Benefits that accrued to the farmers included reduced Run-off, reduced soil erosion, enhance infiltration of water into the soil (in-field water harvesting); the very important ingredient for the success of rain fed agriculture.

The technology is being practiced widely by both direct and indirect beneficiaries of the SLWMP. Additionally, the Farmers were advised to leave their stubble on the field as mulch which they are now practicing.