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Bench terrace technology combined with CSA Success Storie Ethiopia


Arbegona Woreda is the characterized by roughed and steep slope landscape. Its agro-ecological zone belongs to 58 % of high and 42 % of low land with average annual rain fall is 1500 mm and with an altitude ranges from 2200 to 3360 masl. Barley and wheat are the dominant cereals or annual crops while Banboo, Habesha Tid and Koso are the major tree species in the area.

However, with its landscape and climatic condition, it is very difficult to have additional cultivable land for crop production in the Woreda and the hillside farming was highly exposed to soil erosion and acidity. With this condition, it is unthinkable to have a uniform crop production on hillsides. Moreover, the land holding size per HH is very small to get sufficient production out of it.

To tackle the above problem and increase production and productivity in the Woreda, the SLMP came with a new technology for Arbegona Woreda through bench terrace construction and improvement of soil fertility. Since Bench construction was a new idea and technology for the Arbegona farmers, a number of awareness creation and trainings have been conducted. These programs include the Woreda administration staff and Experts, DAs, Kebele administrators and farmers. Moreover, several experience sharing programs have been organized to see the practices of bench terrace’s benefit on decreasing erosion and improve productivity.

After having all these processes, the bench terrace construction started at FTC and government office compounds as part of the method/result demonstration and experience sharing sites

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