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Area closure of degraded land -Best Practice in Ethiopia

Area closure of degraded land is a practice to be applied on degraded land that has lost its vegetative cover and that has extremely low soil fertilityArea closure was selected as a best practice technology based on the criteria stated in the SLM Best Practices Concept & Manual by the consultant (it needs to be confirmed by the Task Force).
Tremendous efforts have been done in the past to cover large area of the country with different planting materials. However, very limited seedlings have been established, as the result of lack of area closure to protect the planting seedling against human and animal interference. On the contrary, the problem of soil erosion is getting worse from time to time. In order to address problems related to soil erosion, deforestation, degradation, loss of biodiversity, reduction in land productivity, low productivity and decline of soil fertility in a sustainable way, it is important to consider area closure. The technology is applied in areas where land has lost its productive potentials. The goal of the technology is to rehabilitate degraded hillsides and regenerate lost vegetation.

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