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Labor Sharing Approach – Best Practice – Ethiopia

Labor Sharing Approach – Best Practice in Sustainable Land Management (SLM)

Ethiopia_SLMP-Mass Mobilization

Ethiopia_SLMP-Mass Mobilization

One of the important traditional associations still common in the Ethiopian highlands is called Debo Wonfela in some areas. Debo Wonfela is a labor assistance provided to a land user by his fellow land users. It is a socio-cultural tradition of co-operation where land users support each other by working in groups. It requires the organization of land users in social groups so that they can assist each other to get laborious activities done which cannot be performed by a single land user alone.Social labor sharing approach was selected as a best practice example based on the criteria stated in the SLM Best Practices Concept & Manual by the consultant (it needs to be confirmed by the Task Force).
Problem addressed
Farmers mostly prefer to work with their relatives and neighbors to assist each other. This alleviates the labor demand of each activity which cannot be performed by a single farmer alone. In addition, it is also very costly to employ external daily laborers for such work.

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