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Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Public and Communal Lands

Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Public and Communal Lands:


This sub-component accomplished physical soil and water conservation, flood control systems, agro forestry, forage, and reforestation / afforestation measures were planned to treat about 25,023 ha of communally owned lands for the 2016/17 budget year. The major achievements of the planned activities in the reporting period are summarized below.
 12,832 ha of hillside/degraded land including gulley have been treated with various biophysical SWC/NRM measures.
 2,511 ha of hillside degraded area has been closed and use plan prepared.
 1902 ha of community forestland has been demarcated, delineated and management plan prepared for its sustainable utilization.117,208 seedlings planted in the delineated forest as an enrichment plantation.
 214.4 ha of land closure was identified for bamboo development site, 251,855 Bamboo seedlings were planted.
 556 ha of command area has been irrigated through construction of various small scale irrigation schemes including 5 diversion weir, 5 Km diversion canal,10 springs and 20 hand dug wells.
 13 new central nursery sites were established while upgrading activities were carried out for 101 existing central nurseries. In addition, 155 self-help group managed nurseries and 29 school nurseries were supported. More than 26.16 million seedlings were produced in these nursery sites.