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Some experiences on Sustainable Land and Water Management



Collected by the consultant supporting the implementation of the BRICKS communication action plan, below are some interesting articles and videos related to experiences on sustainable land and water management:



  • ‘Soil probiotics’ promise bigger, healthier crops, but there’s a donwside  LINK
  •  Special Issue “EO Solutions to support countries Implementing the SDGs” LINK
  • How to stop desertification and reverse climate change VIDEO
  • China’s fight agains desertification should not be done at the cost of water security LINK
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning helps Nigerian Farmers   VIDEO
  • Interesting Read: Five takeaways from the fourth national assessment and what the mean for food and farms LINK
  • Interesting Read: Bamboo is a sustainable alternative for bioenergy production in Indonesia, allowing farmers to diversity income LINK
  •   Presentation: Wetlands and Agriculture in Rwanda  LINK
  • New Technology in China that converts desert into productive land rich with crops VIDEO
  • Call for Papers: Submit an abstract on EGU19 session on climate, biogeochemistry, water and land use in the drylands LINK