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BRICKS Project Components

The Building Resilience through Innovation, Communication, and Knowledges Services Project – BRICKS provides operational, technical and consultative services as part of the Sahel and West Africa Programme – SAWAP, to the 12 countries that are implementing wide-scale investment operations. It promotes South-South learning through various activities and is implemented by 3 regional centers of excellence:

the Permanent Inter-State Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel in charge of knowledge management and dissemination. It also hosts the project’s regional coordination,
the Sahara and Sahel Observatory which is leader in geospatial applications and the project portfolio monitoring and evaluation,
the International Union for Conservation of Nature responsible for biodiversity-related areas as well as networking strategies and strategic communication.

The project has three components for its implementation:


This component provides funding for the following activities:
• networking country projects’ teams as well as stakeholders for structured learning (identifying and disseminating best practices, holding events, regular south-south trainings and study trips for the 12 SAWAP country projects…),
• Establishing competitive regional innovation grants for technical assistance to develop information and communication tools (identifying and selecting innovations, allocating small grants…),
• establishing an operational services facility for SAWAP projects on the key themes of environmental public goods implementation
• Conducting of a series of regional environmental economic analyses,
• Implementing strategic communication.


The “program monitoring support” component finances the following activities:
• aggregating and studying results, supporting the development of a system for monitoring and evaluating the 12 SAWAP projects,
• vocational training and technical support on monitoring & evaluating SAWAP country projects,
• monitoring, modeling and inventory of lands, water resources and land use in the regional portfolio, using existing natural resources’ monitoring-evaluation tools,
• establishing and promoting an impact assessment platform with the SAWAP portfolio projects’ agencies in order to share the assessment results and methodologies.


Component 3 relating to management of the project covers the costs generated by the three implementing agencies particularly as regards the administrative functions and the monitoring of BRICKS activities. This component represents the project coordination unit and is hosted by CILSS which will be responsible for fiduciary reports and the compilation of the 3 agencies’ results.

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