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Some experiences on Sustainable Land and Water Management

  Collected by the consultant supporting the implementation of the BRICKS communication action plan, below are some interesting articles and videos related to...


Khartoum Communication Workshop: all the documentation

From 7 to 10 May 2018, a training workshop was held in Khartoum – Sudan on planning and implementating a communication strategy for communication officers and...

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Sudan’s sustainable natural resources scheme expands to three more states

From 7 to 10 May 2018, the training workshop on planning and implementing a communication strategy organized by IUCN in collaboration with CILSS, OSS and the Sudan...

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The technique of trenching in Sustainable Land Management

After the Assisted Natural Regeneration, the BRICKS’ knowledge management team propose you to discover another good practice of sustainable land management named...

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The theme week on Assisted Natural Regeneration is launched

The BRICKS team offers you every month, a technique, technology or innovation of Sustainable Land and Water Management  in the spotlight on the portal. For a week,...

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SAWAP countries good practices soon visible on the SAWAP web portal

After the first session of the training on the use of the SAWAP.NET web portal held in Cotonou-Benin, the second session of this training is being held in Ghana. The...


COCORICO: the Burkinabe call center dedicated to the rural world

ICT solutions applied to agriculture through an ICT platform for intelligent agriculture, a specialized call center and an SMS service for agricultural information: this...


Africa’s Great Green Wall Discovery

Can Africa’s Great Green Wall beat back the Sahara desert and reverse the degrading landscape? The ambitious 9 miles wide and 5000 miles long line of vegetation will...

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20 Good Practices sheets for the SAWAP Zone

The CILSS, in collaboration with IUCN and OSS, under the BRICKS project, initiated a study to collect good practices of Sustainable Land Management in the SAWAP zone. At...