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The AF Forest and Adjacent Land Management Project


The objective of the Additional Financing for the Forests and Adjacent Lands Management (FALM) Project for Benin is to assist the recipient in its effort to lay the foundation for a collective integrated ecosystem management system for its forests and adjacent lands. Additional financing is needed for the following reasons: (1) in the context of the Sahel and West Africa Program (SAWAP), to contribute to the implementation of the sixteen forest-management plans developed under the parent project, as well as of three additional forest reserves whose management plans were developed in 2007 with the support of the African Development Bank but that were not implemented for lack of funding; and (2) sustaining conservation in the country's protected areas, to increase the capital of a conservation trust fund currently being established by the Government of Benin, the endowment of which will contribute to financing the recurrent costs of the Northern Savanna ecosystems (the Pendjari National Park and the W National Park). The additional financing will be implemented and supervised by the same Government and Bank teams respectively and will continue to emphasize implementation support to ensure continued satisfactory execution of the project.



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