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Sustainable Land and Water Management Project

The objective of the Sustainable Land and Water Management (SLWM) Additional Financing Project for Ghana is to expand the area under sustainable land and water management practices in selected watersheds. The additional financing will ensure the adoption of the sustainable land and water management practices aimed at reducing land degradation and enhancing maintenance of biodiversity in the Kulpawn-Sissili and Red Volta watersheds. The project will focus less on spatial planning at a large scale, with no additional financing towards it since the spatial planning activities are expected to be completed within the original timeframe.



SAWAP countries good practices soon visible on the SAWAP web portal

After the first session of the training on the use of the SAWAP.NET web portal held in Cotonou-Benin, the second session of this training is being held in Ghana. The...

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Documentation of the Fourth SAWAP Conference

From 8 to 10 May 2017, the fourth SAWAP conference was held in Accra-Ghana under the theme:”Global Perspectives for the Future of SAWAP”. The different...

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