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Mauritania Sustainable Landscape Management Project

The development objective of the Sustainable Landscape Management Project under the SAWAP for Mauritania is to strengthen sustainable landscape management (SLM) in targeted productive ecosystems in Mauritania. The project comprises of three components. The first component, sustainable landscape management knowledge, governance and partnerships consists of following three sub-components: (i) building sustainable landscape management capacity, governing tools, and knowledge sharing; (ii) strengthening monitoring of ecosystem services; and (iii) enabling development of a sustainable gum arabic value chain. The second component, SLM practice supports investments in SLM practices in degraded gum Arabic producing ecosystems and their integration into local development planning, for mutual reinforcement. The third component provides project management support to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD).



Les experts du projet SAWAP Mauritanie renforcent leurs capacités en multimédia

MM. Daffa Adama et Med Lekweiry, respectivement expert suivi évaluation et chef de service planification, représentent le projet SAWAP Mauritanie, le Projet de Gestion...

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