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Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project



The objective of the Erosion and Watershed Management Project for Nigeria is to reduce vulnerability to soil erosion in targeted sub-watersheds. The project has four components. The first component (1) Erosion and watershed management infrastructure investments will support on-the-ground interventions to help reduce vulnerability to land degradation. The second component (2) Erosion and watershed management institutions and information services will strengthen the enabling environment for effective implementation of erosion and watershed management. The third component (3) Climate change response will include actions that contribute to strengthening Nigeria's strategic framework for climate action. The fourth component (4) Project management will finance goods, equipment, staff, travel, and consultant services for activities.



Nigeria Sawap Project

In response to the challenges of gully erosion and the emerging Land degradation and environmental insecurity, a request for assistance was made in 2010 by Mr. President...

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