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Emergency Agriculture Production Support Project



The development objective of the Emergency Agriculture Production Support Project for Chad is to provide support to communities and producer organizations to increase: (i) the production of certain plant and animal species in specific regions of the beneficiary's territory , And (ii) the use of sustainable land and water management practices in ecosystems vulnerable to climate shocks.

The project will focus on high potential areas where significant increases in productivity and production are feasible or where problems of food security and poverty are serious.


Assoumana is an orphan in Zongon Gajale, a community located in the Maradi region. He has benefited from a CARE project which provided his care taker, Ai, with hens and ewes (lambs) to provide income to send him to school.

Chad Emergency Agriculture

The project objective is to support rural communities and producer organizations in increasing the production of selected crops and livestock species in selected areas...

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