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Natural Resources Management in a Changing Climate Project


The objective of the Natural Resources Management in a Changing Climate Project is to expand the adoption of sustainable land and water management practices in the target area in Mali. There are four components to the project, the first component being Knowledge management, Governance and Communication. The second component is the Scaling-up Sustainable land management practices. Through knowledge consolidation or creation and dissemination, promotion of resources management tools, and technical assistance and investments, this component will support sustainable land management practices and initiatives aiming at: (i) improving the sustainable use of biodiversity resources in the targeted areas through a landscape approach25; (ii) reversing the reduction of forest coverage to contribute to the GGWI objectives and the enhancement of carbon stock; and (iii) strengthening the resilience of rural producers' assets in the targeted areas and communities to climate change challenges. The third component is the Diversification of local livelihoods. The inherent fragility of the Sahelian zone (project area) is being aggravated by the on-going socio-political crisis which further weakens the resilience of the rural populations and local production systems including cereal crops production, non-timber forestry product (NTFP) such as Arabic gum harvesting and pastoralism. Finally, the fourth component is the project coordination, monitoring and evaluation.



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