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Senegal Sustainable and Inclusive Agribusiness Project



The development objective of the Sustainable and Inclusive Agribusiness Project for Senegal is to develop inclusive commercial agriculture and sustainable land management in project areas. The project has three components. The first component is support to sector actors. This component will support up to nine rural communities in Northern Senegal (Saint Louis and Louga regions) through technical assistance to ensure that land user rights are allocated to private operators in an inclusive and sustainable way, benefiting the broader community. The second component is development of irrigation infrastructure and sustainable natural resources management. This component will finance public irrigation infrastructure in the Ngalam valley and around Lac de Guiers. The third component is project coordination, management, communication, monitoring and evaluation.




Ngallèle km 9, route de Rosso, Saint Louis
Phone: +221 33 961 99 90
+221 33 961 99 94

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