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The BRICKS team proposes to offer you each month, a technique, technology or innovation of Sustainable Land and Water Management in the spotlight on the portal. For a week, different elements on the chosen technique will be developed to allow a better scaling of good practices and innovations for the sustainable management of our spaces.

The first theme week will talk about Assisted Natural Regeneration – ANR and will start in January 2018.


image RNA ENThis note which is primarily dedicated to natural regeneration, is part of the thematic weeks initiated by the Building Resilience through Innovation, Communication and Knowledge Services Project (BRICKS) in support of the Sahel and West Africa Program (SAWAP) supporting the Great Green Wall (GGW) Initiative. The project aims to facilitate the scaling up of good practices in sustainable land management through the sharing of technical, institutional, and constraint-related information for the scaling up.

Assisted Natural Regeneration is an agroforestry technique that involves protecting and caring for natural regrowth (shoots) of stumps and shrubs in various environments. Assisted regeneration promotes local species and is used in agriculture, stock breeding, forestry and in erosion control techniques. Direct seeding of local species can also be done to meet specific enrichment or expansion needs. Easy to implement, it is affordable and contributes to the improvement of the environment and to rural people's living conditions.

The technique,  conditions of implementation, benefits, sustainability  and scaling up are described in a sheet you may upload HERE.

Kindly share with us your comments and success stories or experiences through email (salifou.mahamadou@cilss.int / sandrine.ouattara@cilss.int) or on www.facebook.com/sawapbricks